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Monday, 13 August 2012

shipping, the joys of

can feel myself becoming a more raged person. but i shall endeavour to avoid this by reading this excellent article periodically. and for that reason this will not be a rage post! and boy do i have things i could rage-post about, but for now - shipping - i dig it. it makes my heart go *squee*

fictional characters i ship*:
  • jogan (dalton)
  • rory gilmore and jess mariano (gilmore girls)
  • river and the doctor
  • the ponds (amy and rory, doctor who)
  • hannah and adam/ray and shosh (girls)
  • bunny and v'lu (jitterbug perfume - tom robbins)
  • michael and helen (an equal music - vikram seth) in my head they are so canon. *sigh* 
  • scripps and posner (the history boys) - here have a perfect fanfic.
  • jeff greene and dicey tillerman (the tillerman series - cynthia voigt)

i also ship people IRL*:
  • charlieissocoollike and bryarly
  • breredith 
  • marion cotillard and guillaume canet
  • aj holmes and ali gordon
  • kevin bacon and kyra sedgwick
  • jenson button and jessica michibata
  • kevin smith and jennifer schwalbach
  • wil and anne wheaton
  • jed and mo!

i think it's an exercise in happiness, like listening to mcfly/starkid/hanson. happy, but not too happy. and there is the devastation that comes with other people's breakups...shipping irl is painful (cameron crowe/nancy wilson, susan sarandon/tim robbins, cusack/piven *sobs*). fictional characters are easier to sort with a fanfic or two or a couple thousand.

*incomplete lists.

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