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Wednesday, 17 April 2013

new podcast reviews

i was in a bit of a podcast rut there for a while. that's not to say i was bored with what i was listening to just that i was listening to the same things: a bunch of kevin smith, nerdist, history of rome and radiolab.    i have recently added to this:

WTF with Marc Maron
Nerdist style interviews, but one on one with marc maron. maron's a bit more serious than hardwick, and also it ends up being more about the person he's interviewing and less about chris hardwick. there's about 10 minutes of maron rambling at the beginning but this can be easily forwarded through. straight to interview is the route to go.

Still Untitled: the Adam Savage Project
this one's an absolute dream. it's everything i didnt know that i wanted. want to know what adam savage thinks about star wars? check. about tarantino? check. shop safety? check. although (spoiler alert) the shop safety one is not for the squeamish. i flinched a lot. so much talk about injury by various kinds of saws. stitches. adam likes getting them in sevens. seven stitches is better than five. always keep your blades sharp. constant vigilance! he's like yoda. you need to know what he thinks about everything.

he's better than this yoda for sure:

How did this get made?
people watch and pick apart bad movies. makes me want to rewatch the most awful rubbish. just to laugh at it. total fun. a lot of laughs. works best if it's a movie you've watched already.

listen to me! or dont. :p

Friday, 12 April 2013

hate (i really don't like you)

reading state of wonder by ann patchett. my 2nd patchett. this whole book is a reminder of the all the reasons why i loved bel canto (the first) so. i have been introduced to a character much mentioned, but only now finally on the page – a living, breathing person. and i hate her. i hate dr annick swenson for being so cold. so uncaring about other people. a pet peeve of mine, it would seem. how many millions of blog posts have i devoted to this very thing? it's the thing i am hardest on myself about. when i see something one way, my way. selfish! selfish i tell myself, what a shit i am. unable to see it like the other person. cold. unsympathetic. lacking in empathy. bad.

i can tell myself - dr swenson's just a pure scientist who only wants to be left alone to focus on her work, she has no time to spare on mundane things like people, and feelings and death. she cannot be held to the same standards as a mere driver, shopkeeper or pharmacolgist. but then i think fuck that. she's unfeeling. i hate her so much that everytime she speaks i want to hit her/stab her/cause her pain/dump a ton of feelings on her that she cant process with her unfeeling, robot non-heart. and i love ann patchett for making me feel this way. what a book. halfway through. what is sleep? just something i wont be doing tonight :)

edit: by the end of the book, there was less hate. she's not my favourite person. but she's not the worst.

Friday, 5 April 2013

i'm ba-ack

started writing again. feels good to let go of that feeling of my writing not being good enough. or too depressing. or that i couldn't come up with plots anymore. wrote 2 stories in the last 2 weeks and i don't hate them yet. they're alright. i'm willing to keep going until i really like one. the first one i wrote by hand and then typed out and made little edits, the 2nd directly on google drive because i'm lazy. getting my cousin to send me prompts. i literally cannot wait for the next one.

ps. the pauly shore episode of the marc maron wtf podcast - classic.