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Saturday, 15 September 2012

i don't dance. but in my head i do.

i am this girl, who cannot tango but soon will – with a blind man and have a ball :) (ASIDE: poor charlie, you will probably never her meet again! *sigh* she would be so good to you, and vice versa). i am a clumsy person who trips over everything and cannot do choreography (i know, i've tried classes). but boy do i love dance movies. musicals. tap. step up 2. you would think that watching people do well, what i cant do at all – would irritate me. but nope. just makes me sigh and fangirl and store-up moments of great dancing in my head. for the perfect moment. for the days when i need to feel good inside. brave. like i'm a star. like i can kick your ass. and show you a thing or two. make my point. save the day. generally be awesome. in my head, i see this:

or... the world is just that little bit better with dancing. i give you: jonathan groff.

...and the boy can sing.

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