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Friday, 2 November 2012

2 things


i just got done with the history of rome: episode 90, actually episode 100 (because some of those episodes were spilt into parts over a few podcast episodes)! kind of amazed that i stuck with it this long.  as was mike duncan when he made this episode. 100 episodes over 3 years. at the time seeing no quick end in sight. think it took him like 2 more years to be fully done with it (89 episodes to go). learnings: historians sometimes (often?) become as famous as the history they write about, eg the oft mentioned - tacitus:

or pliny the younger (as remembered in this tweet by @arze):

b-list still counts i think :D for sure! 
anyway where i'm going with this is – future historians will most likely remember mike duncan. 
this is mike:

(and yes that is baby in a sling. cute overload! *squee*)


many of my friendships are long distance. which means i miss many many people much of the time. this is truly a pain. but friends are the best. i loves everybody. you make me better. even when we dont talk for ages, i think on you and i am happy. 

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