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Sunday, 25 November 2012


the tom hanks episode of the nerdist made me watch storage wars (so addictive). it's one of the reality shows that tom likes. and it's crazy to think that this actually happens. so the thing is, if you live in america (or maybe just california) and dont pay your storage locker rent (about $50-250 per month) for 3 months, they auction all your stuff off. and the show follows around about 4 sets of buyers who do this as a profession. buy up other people's stuff and try to make a profit on it. they can only guess on the value of what they might find inside as they have to bid based on a 5 min peek inside. but it's just crazy, who are these people who just leave their stuff in storage and lose it all? i mean sometimes they find coin collections/sports memorabilia... really valuable shit. who is the dumbass who couldnt afford to pay for his locker? wouldnt you just take your stuff out and make money off it yourself? and 3 months ago you remembered the locker, so there's no way you just forgot you had one. other option – the owner died, no one knew about the locker... which is just so sad. who were you hoarding that stuff for? it's literally losing all the stuff that you collected, put away, which was important enough for you to pay someone else to store for you. and obviously you decide not to/are unable to pay this amount...

but why? it's this huge mystery to me. what happened that made you not just take the stuff out and sell it. yard sale. ebay. anything. or even just give it away. so much to wonder about. it's a reality show that provides: thrills (exciting bidding wars), suspense (is that a genuine movado watch or is it worthless?), drama (brandi and jarrod are married and she's always right but he doesnt listen) and the big mystery – who is this person who just lost all this shit?

drives me crazy. crazy americans.

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