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Sunday, 30 December 2012

thoughts about places: nz

so there's the obvious shit:  it's super beautiful, looks like the phantom movie one minute, the shining the next and then there's a beach - all on the same drive. but then there's the stuff that you'd only notice after having lived with the locals.

people think nothing of leaving food out overnight and chucking it the next day. leave their car lights on during the day. leave cupboard lights on, the light goes off when you close the door - refrigerator style. let the tap run when washing dishes. small things which made me realise how much i think about waste and not wasting on a daily basis. and it's super awkward to always be cleaning up, switching off, putting away - when it's someone else's home! so mostly did nothing. switched off a tap once. put leftover pizza in the fridge.

also they're generally happier than the brits. those brits are a grumpy, always making snarky jokes lot. nz jokes are friendlier. warm and fuzzy even when supposedly offensive (really not). [edit: this is purely my opinion of pri and liam's friends i think... considering they are the only people i really observed. the country is really that devoid of people.]

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