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Monday, 28 January 2013

till it hurts

heard these lyrics at a restaurant:
...make babies together till it hurts... (might have been "make babies till it hurts")

and now google says there's no such song. o0

but anyway, have been thinking on "till it hurts" - what is that point?
  1. you've been trying for so long the sex is bad
  2. accidental pregnancy
  3. you get chucked before the baby's born
  4. infertility
  5. spending all your money on IVF and the like
  6. ending up with a gazillion babies in litter fashion
  7. your adopted kid doesn't think of you as a real parent
  8. morning sickness
  9. miscarriage
  10. bedrest
  11. labour
  12. incisions + stitches
  13. extreme sleep deprivation
  14. your arms hurt from carrying the baby
  15. opposing parenting styles
  16. you're not the favourite parent
  17. you can't relate to the kid
  18. being an absentee parent
  19. suddenly they're all grown up and don't need you anymore
  20. worrying that they're messing up their lives
  21. locking them in their rooms
  22. being lied to constantly
  23. you trip on a toy and fall down the stairs
  24. regretting that you had all the kids and didn't live your own life
  25. divorce
  26. realising you've turned into your mother/father
  27. ...
endless possibilities, the mystery of a song lyric.

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