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Thursday, 21 February 2013

3 things

a thing that i am excited about: 
a good day to die hard - because it's die hard! there will never come a day when i'm not excited for one of those. sure i'm not entirely sure about how i feel about bruce willis these days, but boy do i know how i feel about john mcclane. he is the man. the man with no plan, who is just one of those guys. the one who has to jump in. because that's just who he is. he doesn't want to be that guy. no sir. but he is. justin long knows.' fuck is this poster?
a thing i used to be excited about, which suddenly excites me again:
a history of rome. episode 113 pulled me back in with it's dramatic tale of the roman empire effectively becoming (temporarily - for a solid decade at least i think) 3 separate empires. and somehow eventually is united again. when does that ever happen? in rome it does! history is fun as long as no one expects me to remember exact dates :)

a thing that always excites me:
fun new work projects to look forward to! so much work. i love it.

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