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Sunday, 26 May 2013

into starshipness

space movies usually spend some time extolling the virtues of the crafts they feature (my personal fave: the millennium falcon). but this star trek movie (into darkness) took it to the next level i must say. abrams was all "i'm so done with lens flare, what shall it be this time?" and chose enterprise porn. the star ship enterprise was gorgeous in this. you see her from above, below, falling, rising (from the clouds! from the depths of the deepest ocean!), sideways, crashing, cracked...her beautiful innards (the sweeping corridor shots!). i dug it. you want to stroke and hug her. you also want to stroke and hug kirk and spock (what a cutie!) :D that bromance. the sweetest! (best casting ever)

also i really love that roldy is sulu (he will always be roldy to me). and yes i know these people are in the movie, no surprise, i have seen the first one. but still. it's still completely amazing. respect. rebooted magnificently. keep em coming. 

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