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Thursday, 23 May 2013


yes, her.
started on this "write down three things that went well the previous day" thing on 24th march because a friend of mine told me to when i was pms-ing out of my mind – teary about just about everything in my life. been listening to modern vampires of the city for most of this week, this line describes my pms feelings really well: I don’t wanna live like this, but I don’t wanna die (finger back). pms makes me feel like just EVERYTHING is wrong. and i know it's the pms and still i cry. but this is not about describing pms (aside: mae whitman describes it really well in this episode of nocturnal emotions with har mar superstar - my girlcrush increases!), this is about the 3 things thing – it really works. like some strange crazy magic. seems simple enough to do. you just have to remember to keep at it. every. day. and then magic. 2 months have gone by. minus pms meltdowns. my mind's operating on a nice even keel. sure i get a tiny bit sad once in a way, but i can pick myself right up. it's not disastrous.

look how beeyootiful

a question for anyone reading this:
alia shawkat, mae whitman or ellen page?
i'm going mae. although ms. shawkat's got mad art skillz.

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