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Saturday, 20 July 2013

Someone to turn his thoughts to

listening to
everyman needs a companion - father john misty (aka. joshua tillman/j tillman)

just got done reading really interesting project (currently on day thirteen). perfect for me to follow because i love spying on people. always want more info about how someone sees/feels about a situation.

it's basically two friends working through their relationship issues by seeing each other everyday for 40 days because thats how long it takes to make a new habit. that's my extremely simplified gist of the matter. it's worth it to sit down and read the whole thing complete with illustrations, photographs, screenshots, videos and ponderings. lol just realised how appropriate a song this is for this project. i just picked it because i'm on a father john kick right now. joshua tillman fascinates me.

my favourite line from the song
I never liked the name Joshua/I got tired of J

video from day six (of 40).
i love this movie so much.
so much. timothy hasn't seen it and can't stand jeff bridges. how? why? timothy, why?

anyway back to my feels about this project. they have this daily questionnaire they have to respond to about how they're feeling about the project. what they've learnt about themselves and the other person. it's easier to be honest when you have questions to respond to i think... vs free form blogging. i can feel myself censoring myself heavily these days. not so much censoring as omitting. keeping it light. don't want to share what it is that i'm really feeling. but when asked a direct question i could get around it i think... because then there's the need to articulate.. an answer!

my thoughts on the mirror has two faces
pretty much a perfect film. one that i can watch whenever it's on. want the dvd. that's how awesome it is. streisand and bridges - otp. or rather ruth and whatever his name is in the film. the characters. they are perfection. it's one of those films i've watched with my father where we both loved it super lots. this is where i begin questioning myself... thinking am i remembering that right? was i the sap who loved it more than him? he did like it right? i do that with memories. rethink. wonder what my brain's made up...

but what i do know is, i love this film. there's no doubt about that.

but sometimes i doubt everything else. who am i? what do i want out of life? out of a relationship? out of the other person? and sometimes things are perfectly clear. i know what i want, i just don't have it yet. some things are right. life's alright.

but some things are missing. and that's the truth. but that's okay. *shrug* :)

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