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Sunday, 21 July 2013

jeff x dicey - 4eva!

spent at least an hour (if not more) today thinking about deeply about fictional characters and just what it is about their personalities that attracts them to each other, the ways in which they are similar and opposite...and what their fictional future together will be like. i am talking about jeff greene and dicey tillerman from the tillerman cycle by cynthia voigt. i'm a sucker for well written YA lit. and cynthia voigt is the best. jeff greene lives within me although i havent read a solitary blue for some years now (ordered it off flipkart today finally! so i can have my very own copy! to have and to hold...but i've absorbed it into my skin and carry it around with me... i remember the way it feels)

...then read day fourteen of the 40 days of dating project and it upsets me. jeff and dicey don't upset me because they're fictional (and i know they're together in their fictional universe fighting for each other because they're both blue herons in the wild *sigh* and sure they'll fight, and have problems but he's a one woman man and that's that) and canon and there's commitment and clarity there. but this project is so real and emotional and disturbing because it's real (like a really real version of the mindy project and that is too much drama!)... HEADDESK this is actually making me glad i dont have cctv/god vision into the lives of friends/people i'm curious about on facebook. with knowledge comes tension. it's only day 14 and i'm a mess! everyone's life is a mess!

you know... i should be more of a mess about being single and alone. but i'm okay this year :) 27 in 2013. it's all good. at least i don't have cluster headaches or commitment issues. i'd like to think that when i'm next obsessing over someone, there will be great clarity and purpose and i'll know just what i want to do about it, even if it involves doing stupid things. because i'm a lot like jeff greene (and that boy's got his life figured out by the end of the book). you'll just have to read a solitary blue to figure out what i mean.

from cynthia voigt's website faq (are your stories about real people? did this really happen?):
...The boy I glimpsed one night at King's Dominion, the only passenger in a Tilt-a-Whirl carriage, multi-colored lights flowing over him, his arms stretched out wide along the back of the seat, his dark glasses hiding his eyes: that boy became Jeff Greene in A Solitary Blue...

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