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Tuesday, 10 September 2013


A hopefully spoiler free (but i make no promises, there is only try) pondering on the before sunrise/sunset/midnight movies. (Just finished watching Before Midnight, it's raining outside, the perfect time to ponder...)

1: Clothes
With the first one, my father was a big fan of pointing out/making sure i noticed that Celine (after they have sex) is no longer wearing the tee shirt under the dress, the next morning - a lovely little detail - attention to detail in the storytelling. And in the second one she wears a top and jeans and he wears that weird print shirt, his hair is different. Shorter. Her hair is up. But this one they're older, so much older, but really dress more like in the first one. She's in a dress again. maybe it even ties up the same way? maybe not, same thin straps anyway. Anyway... moving on. His hair is longer, just like in the beginning. Like a hint that they're the people they're supposed to be when they're together. I don't know... just a thought. Speaking of attention to detail - I loved the musical call backs to the past. Familiar tunes all over the place. mmmMmm. And of course there's the compulsory - my father is dead - batman-esque thought: What would he think of it? There can be no answer, only imagination. And dreaming. I think my dreams are more like Jesse's dreams and not so much/never like Celine's superhero ones.

2: Shakespeare
I definitely think Sunset is the most romantic one. Lovers once parted, finding each other again - against all odds. If this was shakespeare, Sunset would be A Midsummer Night's Dream. Sunrise would be Romeo and Juliet - young love, ending in parting if not death. The most hopeful for sure yet sad. And this one's Macbeth. Take that as you will... SPOILERS!

3: Conversation
I love how pretty much every conversation (as in life) is about sometime other than the present, oftentimes things not in any of the movies, but the time inbetween. Where the characters went on living, even without the actors. What came in between the pencils and the windmills par exemple? That's another great thing – english, french, greek? no subtitles. You get it or you don't. Plus it's a great way to raise the kids.

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