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Friday, 3 April 2015

making things

it's a saturday. i'm killing time with podcasts (the voice of wil wheaton talks to me even now), i listen with half a ear. multitasking like a boss. soon i will do laundry. and hopefully work out (there is every chance that i wont, because laziness). and bathe. and go see a movie.

but here i am thinking about creating. which is basically what wil's all about. just getting podcast episodes out. not worrying about them being perfect. which is what i'm trying with making comics and generally writing/drawing more. and it's all because of podcasts. i listen to a whole bunch of makers: kevin smith, adam savage (still untitled), the nerdist writer's panel, wil... they make, i make. good motivation. pushes the critical voice way back. or far back enough that i can unfreeze and get out the thing that is struggling to get out of me without just cringing into the mental hole that i've dug for myself. i have also stopped showing my stuff to as many people though... because criticism is a thing i don't feel ready for. one negative thing and it's that much harder to put pencil to paper, word to key. got to keep moving. because, really, i make - for me. and only me. it matters that "i" like it and i get something out of the act of making. this seems fear based, i know. and it is, i guess. but i also know i'd rather be making than not. and if this is the way it works right now, i shouldn't stress myself out about it. but that being said - have a looksie:

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