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Saturday, 10 January 2015

stupid stereotypes are stupid

Read a couple books in succession where some characters judged other characters based on them reading comic books ie. they must be stupid. this makes me so mad. because by no means are these authors complete idiots. i read their books. i also read comics. it's an irritating idea. the mere existence of the words "graphic novel" pain me.

in other news today i listened to ben blacker talk to kelly sue deconnick on the nerdist writers panel. totes amazing. she's an only child (like me) and used to read the 3 investigators books (also like me :)). unlike me, one of her favourite writers is bendis. tried him... wasn't convinced. might give him another shot now. or just read more deconnick :D

bought this swords of cerebus volume (no. 5) from blossoms ages ago and finally got around to reading it today and boy was it good. i (am falling in) love (with) dave sim. the man can do it all. it is just so weird and wonderful. had me hooked from the line "SHOW YOUR EMACIATED FACE PEASANT... I AM CEREBUS THE AARDVARK! AND I WISH TO BUY YOUR CRUMBLING HOVEL!..."

i love how comics (sometimes) come with a look into where the writers/artists were when they wrote them. a glimpse into the inner workings. or just responses to letters to the editor. i love it all. you never get that with regular fiction. at the most there's a literary interview type thing that follows... not at all the same as knowing what music they were listening to.. or what was going in their lives at the time. fascinating.

beautiful front and back cover by barry windsor-smith who i really must look into now.
there's always more to be discovered in this wonderful world of comics.
as eric foreman would say: yes. yes.

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