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Monday, 8 December 2014

the cracked vessel

it's easy to define yourself through the things you like. get attached to the idea of yourself of a fan of this of that to the point of confusion when someone else dislikes that very same thing, it feels like they suddenly like you a little less...

...i was re-reading paper towns and this time it seemed like john green was a touch heavy handed with the "imagine people complexly" theme. this is the recurring thing that seems to be on the mind of every single character... but it's important. it needs to be said. you are you and however much you imagine yourself into the way someone else sees something, you'll always see it from the severely tunnel visioned vision of the universe according to you. but it seems like you're doing it. like you can actually see the other person. but that in most cases is a lovely illusion.

i do like the book. as a study of friendships, it rules. q and lacey is a beautiful thing. more so than lacey and ben (the couple) q and lacey being the people who are most into finding margo. but also just the people who can comfortably sit together in a bathtub in a completely friendish way. he likes her kind of drunk. she likes that he calls/can call her "lace".

are we friends because we watch the same things? no. but we may be friends because we watch different things but like them for the same reasons. my favourite book is millions of other peoples' favourite book but not for the same exact specific reason why i adore it. it's just a book. but the way i see it is what matters.

yesterday a friend was talking about how her ex's favourite movie was a dance flick and that that should've been a sign that he was shady. but i like dance flicks just fine. i wouldn't say my favourite. but goddamn if step up 2 isn't perfect. that rehearsal scene where andie puts a crew together with all the msa rejects - oh my! the joy of dancing ("Like electricity. Yeah, like electricity."). i like billy elliot for some of the same reasons. also jamie bell and miners' strike reasons.

bee-tee-dubs on a fangirling note. paper towns movie! with nat wolff! aw yis. he should be all the john green characters :D

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