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Wednesday, 12 June 2013

June - a reading challenge i'm about 1/3 of the way through shikasta at the moment. i'm woefully nowhere near the halfway mark of my goal of 50 books this year (entirely new books these have to be, i get sadly distracted by re-reading - went on a bit of a re-georgette heyer detour). i'm at 16 books including the 3 yet to be finished. so my challenge for the rest of june is to get through these 10 books. in any order.
  1. doris lessing - shikasta
  2. george w m reynolds - wagner the werewolf
  3. pierre boulle - the bridge on the river kwai
  4. orhan pamuk - my name is red
  5. william maxwell - so long, see you tomorrow
  6. amelie northcomb - sulphuric acid
  7. carrie fisher - surrender the pink
  8. anaïs nin - a spy in the house of love
  9. stephen fry - the stars' tennis balls
  10. chuck palahniuk - tell-all
KEY half read done 

which means no time for randomly watching lame movies/old episodes of the oc/gilmore girls/top chef/reading sappy fanfics... basically no watching, only reading. and creating. working on a comic book :)

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