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Wednesday, 26 June 2013

yet another aimless update

sitting in my room, staring into the light of this candle (a lovely birthday gift!) like william miller (with his candle and the who on vinyl (except there's no music on): 

just thinking about the podcast i just listened to (about writers' rooms, writing for tv, showrunning blah blah writers! marriage! the golden age of television is now! etcetera). pondering the comic book page i will be working on drawing later tonight. thinking about how i used to write essay length posts on episodes of LOST - intense analysis of plot. it meant so much to me. there's a bit in the podcast where michael schur talks about how when he tells people he works in tv, he sometimes gets the reaction where the other person says "tv sucks! he doesn't even own one!" what is that? why is reading a book so much better? is it just the using your mind to create vs sitting in front of pictures? is it like people not considering comic books actual reading?

next show i might check out i think will be parks and rec. i could use more adam scott in my life (even though i have been warned he shows up only round about season 02). 

this is a great excerpt from the podcast:
We did an one episode recently, where Adam Scott’s character had a kidney stone and had to be on morphine. And we had a lot of funny jokes for things things that a drugged up Adam Scott would say. And Harris Wittels, one of our writers, is a,…drug enthusiast…he’s a really laid-back guy, he’s usually asleep in the room. And we were going over the script and he was REALLY agitated. I was like, “What is wrong with you, man?” And he was like, “It’s just…It’s just not the way people talk when they’re on morphine! And I really think we need to get this right.” And I was like, “GO CRAZY MAN.” And then he disappeared into a room, he worked harder than I’ve ever seen him work. He was focused, and his phone would ring and he would be like “NO!” and turn it off, and he came back and like, every joke he wrote for Ben was better than the one that we had had. We were like, generic drugged dude, and he was super-specific about what people were like on morphine. And it was like, “This Harris. This is the reason I hired you. Five years later it finally paid off, for this morphine section. — Michael Schur
i have listened to quite a bit of harris wittels in my analyze phish phase. 
"drug enthusiast" is one way to put it :D

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