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Sunday, 23 June 2013

moving fingers

my dad hated blogs, just the idea of all the people with all the vociferous opinions pissed him off a bit i think. starting to feel this way. like what is so important that i have to type it up all importantly and declare "hey look at me! i had this thought!" ...i'm also not giving up on this blog. i am after all still typing here :D so anyway, some thoughts:

i cleaned my room today, a complete cleanse. even took some stuff off the walls. things that felt "old". new order before my birthday. feels good.

listened to modern vampires of the city yet again today. the joy of it wanes not. i'm so glad they took their time with it, was worth the wait. also there's none of that laura marling feeling of "a new album? already?" i cant make myself get the new one. back to the dubs: because i know that diane young is meant to sound like "dying young", it's making me think of sound alikes in other songs as well...

workship you:
actual lyric: we worshipped you • what i think it sounds like: we workshopped you... (which makes sense in a way right? making god up.)

hannah hunt:
actual: Hannah tore the New York Times up into pieces • what i think it sounds like: Hannah told the New York Times i'd been to pieces. (which is way worse, but both ways are disturbing. my version makes the follow up lines less unexpected "if I can't trust you then damn it, Hannah/there's no future, there's no answer)

other music that i've been digging of late: i get wet - andrew wk • the information - beck • anthem - hanson • the band - the band • the glad fact - dirty projectors • dark touches - har mar superstar...

but my favourite is CT's pre dubs solo thing - digby sellars. it's basic. simple. effortless. like the beatles meets crosby, stills, nash and young... just listen.

the next album defo needs some ct singing, not just drumming.

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